1. Helping our clients identify their needs and arranging appropriate covers
  2. Serving as an intermediary between our clients and the insurance company
  3. Providing claims assistance and facilitating prompt settlement
  4. Constant review of covers to make sure that they are up to date

The policies would be placed with insurance companies of repute, with sound financial security including management strength, positive attitude towards claims and efficiency.


The ultimate deliverable from insurance purchase is the Fast and Equitable Settlement of claims whenever insured risks manifest themselves in loss. Due to the technical nature of the Claims Negotiation Process, our customers rely on us to liaise with insurers in order to ensure that they extract maximum value from the insurance process.

On our part, we leverage our wide knowledge and experience in the proper and adequate documentation of claims, as well as our relationships with our Business Partners, to ensure that claims that meet all the requirements are settled without delay.


Our business model and success has always been anchored in our ability to give a value-adding service to our customers, and offering advice that they would not usually get from the ordinary intermediary. In particular, our clients benefit from our networks with specialized providers of risk management services, which affords them to opportunity to buy insurance and manage risk cost-effectively.

Risk Management is the process in which a business identifies all the risks that can affect its objectives, evaluates the impacts of these risks, and determines the most economic method of bringing these under control in order that may not unduly threaten business performance.

The process of buying insurance without undertaking a risk management study may not result in the most efficient allocation of scarce resources, and we support our customers' initiatives in this respect, to ensure that insurance buying is directed where it would do the most good.

We also advise our customers that many losses results in costs that are not recoverable from insurance, and it is therefore important that business makes an effort at Accident Prevention in order to minimize adverse impacts upon their bottom lines.

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