Accident can happen anywhere – whether at home, at work or during recreation. The family of an accident victim may be denied their breadwinner, often at a time when debts are highest and savings lowest. Because accidents happen suddenly, most families are caught unprepared to meet huge hospital bills, continuing costs of education and other bills.

FLEXIPAC is a flexible Personal Accident Cover designed to relieve families of the financial pressure wrought by accidents, and provides the following benefits;

  • Accidental Death - up to Kshs.12,000,000
  • Accidental Permanent Total Disablement - up to Kshs. 12,000,000
  • Hospital Cash - up to Kshs.12,000
  • Loss of Income due to Accident Disability up to 2 years - Kshs. 30,000 per week
  • Accidental Medical Expenses - up to Kshs.400,000
  • Artificial Appliances - up to Kshs.50,000
  • Funeral Expenses from Accidental Death - up to Kshs.60,000

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