CyberEdge is a comprehensive risk management insurance solution offered by AIG. The best way to protect against cyber attacks is to prevent them in the first place but sometimes that is not possible. If the first line of your defence is breached, CyberEdge is designed to help you manage and control the impact – and get back to business as usual.

CyberEdge combines insurance protection and risk management tools with access to independent experts.We help businesses safeguard against sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, dumpster diving, computer viruses, employee sabotage or error, pilferage of information, and identity theft.

CyberEdge covers the obvious and less obvious consequences of cyber risk. We provide access to expert underwriters and claims specialists as well as to dedicated tools and expert services to enhance a company’s risk management strategy.

CyberEdge is designed to respond to a variety of cyber risk exposures not covered under conventional casualty products.

CyberEdge incorporates access to third party resources to help in the event of a breach. These include forensic, legal and communications specialists.

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