The policy provides monetary payments as detailed in the schedule of benefits in the event bodily injury to the insured students as a result of an accident.


i) Accidental Death Benefit: In the unfortunate occurence of death through an accident, the policy will make a monetary payment up to the policy limit.
ii) Accidental permanent disability: The policy will compensate in monetary terms for permanent disability to the students as determined by a medical doctor.
iii) Accident medical expenses: Medical bills incured as a result of an accident will be reimbursed upto the policy limit.
iv) Artificial appliances: The policy will make monetary payments for purchase of artificial limbs as recommended by a medical doctor subject to the policy limit.
v) Dental treatment: The policy will pay for the cost of treating dental injuries resulting from an accident upto the policy limit.
vi) Funeral expenses: The policy will cater for funeral expenses within 48 hours upon receipt of the required documents.

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